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Calm Water

by Christopher Neal, A Boy Among Men. My days are usually quite hectic. The chaos starts from the time I wake up until about 30 minutes before bed, when I force myself to stop working. Mornings are filled with getting kids up, fed and out the door with my wife. Then, it’s time for me to get ready and fight …

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Sports, my son, T-Rex, Snakie and an All-star

I am watching the MLB All-star game. My son is watching the game in between playing with a T-Rex action figure (his plastic  T-Rex is an action figure to my son, as G.I. Joes were action figures for me) and fighting the big green snake. This was an epic battle: T-Rex on top, then Snakie would turn the tables. This …

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Making new friends

I am  trying to teach my son how to make new friends. Being 2 years old, and not knowing what to say to someone you just met, can be a difficult and scary experience. I am 40 years old and I’m still not sure how to make friends with people I just met… And, now I am trying to teach …

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