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The Day I Became Dad


We all become dads at different times in our lives… It’s an amazing moment when we see our child for the first time, when we hold the little one, and hear the initial cries. Whatever the path to fatherhood, we find ourselves in those initial moments of utter joy, anticipation and gut-wrenching fear. What’s it like to be a new …

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It’s that time again: Baseball!

Some of my earliest memories of my childhood included watching my grandfather listen to baseball games, and hearing him talk about it. So, now, as the season is here again, I’m inextricably drawn back to some of those memories of him. I looked up to him. On days like this, I’m reminded that he really is gone — that he’s …

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Time. “You may delay, but time will not.” – Benjamin Franklin Those 4 letters are so simple yet so complicated, depending on the way you use the word. It can make a mountain into dust. It can be a witness to life and for death. It is an unstoppable force… always moving forward. For a parent, time is our greatest …

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So, I went camping this past Monday. I made a checklist of things we would need. In the end, all I really needed was an Ark. It rained extremely hard over the 2-day period. A water-logged son-and-dad combo do not make for a great buddy bonding moments. We ended up spending a lot of time in the back end of …

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