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Words & Learning

Abilities and Can-Do

As my son becomes more and more independent, it is also a time for him to become increasingly frustrated as well. He’s trying out all his new abilities. Running… he is learning to balance himself while running–so I see him take off on that wobbly, top-speed run. But, he can just as easily trip and fall. Or, he can’t keep …

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My son is saying more words every day. I, for one, am very happy about it. It isn’t such a guessing game when I know what he wants or needs. When he thinks the food is too hot, he now says: ” HOT HOT !!” When he is cold, he says: ” COLD!” His vocabulary continues to grow–he can say …

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When your child says ‘NO’

On a bright note, we are in year 2 of this life-long adventure we call parenthood. My son is learning this word, “NO”–I believe it is his favorite word. So, some days at this age can go like this : The 2-year-old starts the morning by screaming, “No, me do it!” when you pour the milk on his cereal. Then …

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